Didn't get coins/items that you paid for?

Tamara S -

We can certainly add coins/items to your account if you do not receive them!

Please follow the following steps to help us compensate you quickly:

  1. Take a screenshot of your app store receipt or purchase history if you've made a purchase with real money (as with physical purchases, we need some kind of proof to help us verify that you're not a scammer!). If the purchase was made with in-game currency, you can optionally take a screenshot of where the missing item should be. Please make sure that the image file size is 1 MB or less (Zendesk imposes that limit on attachments).
  2. Tap on [Main Menu] --> [Settings] --> [About Garfield GO] --> [Support]. This should open your default Mail app and have a pre-filled e-mail composed.
  3. DO NOT erase any of the pre-filled information! It helps us to find your account to add the missing items.
  4. Underneath the pre-filled information, type in a message letting us know what you didn't receive.
  5. Attach the screenshot that you took in step 1. 
  6. Send the e-mail, and wait for the support team to get in touch with you!
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