What is a Finishing Move, and how do I use it?

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Finishing Moves will give you a big boost to your round score. They can be the key to beating your opponent. The percentage shown on the front of the card is applied to the round score you achieved before you perform the Finishing Move. So, if you have scored 10,000 points in the round before the Finishing Move, and you use the 60% Bonus Finishing Move, your Finishing Move score will be 6,000 points, and your total round score will be 16,000 points. Finishing moves are available for purchase in the store or while you set up your dance battle routine.   If you have added a finishing move to your routine, a meter will pop-up after you complete the 9th sequence in the round.  At which point you will need to tap on the button to have the meter fill up.  When the meter fills up to the line you will receive 100% of the points that that finishing move is worth.  If the meter is above the line you will receive more points based on the distance you are over the line.  If you are below that line then you will receive a lower percentage of the points you would have received if you had hit the line.

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