What is a Dance Off tournament, and how do I enter them?

Freeze Tag Support -

Everyday there is a new dance off tournament.  This dance off tournament will end in 24 hours from when it starts and then the prizes will be available by tapping on the green rewards button in the "Claim Prizes" tab of the Dance Off screen.  To enter the dance off tournament, all you have to do is tap on the "Dance Off" button and then tap on the play button.  Dance until you lose all your lives and then see your place on the leaderboard. Everyone gets one free entry into the daily tournament. If you would like to enter the dance off tournament again then you will have to pay to enter the tournament and start at the beginning. However, you can buy additional lives during the game at a special discount. Make sure you take advantage of the deals and special offers. You are also able to receive an additional 3 free lives at the end of a Dance Off for watching a video ad, but will only be able to do so once per event.

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